A New Forager’s Guide To Wild Food

100 Common Plants and Mushrooms: Easy Identification and Harvest in North America

Ever looked at a wild plant and wondered, “Can I eat that?” Have you been eager to try foraging but felt overwhelmed about where to start, or worried about picking the wrong thing? A New Forager’s Guide To Wild Food is here to turn your curiosity into confidence, making every walk a scavenger hunt. We simplify foraging, making it safe and rewarding for everyone. Inside, you’ll find:

  • 100 Common Plants and Mushrooms: Discover a curated list of 100 plants and mushrooms found across North America, often right in your backyard.
  • High-quality Photos and Safe Foraging: Benefit from clear images and descriptions, including comparisons with poisonous look-alikes, to confidently and safely identify plants and mushrooms.
  • Sustainable Harvesting Tips: Follow easy advice and use the seasonal forager’s calendar for year-round picks.
  • Extensive Uses: Each plant and mushroom includes a range of edible uses and brief health benefits, combining taste with wellness.
  • Prioritized Safety: Detailed cautions for each plant and mushroom ensure a secure foraging experience.

Ready to become a confident forager? A New Forager’s Guide To Wild Food is your all-in-one guide to turning nature walks into treasure hunts. Get your copy now and start your foraging journey today!

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