Foraging Kitchen: A North American Wild Edibles Cookbook

300+ Easy-to-Follow and Inspiring Recipes Featuring Locally Foraged Wild Plants and Mushrooms

How would you like to forage freely in your backyard or local area, harvesting nature’s bounty to prepare nutritious meals in a simple, wholesome manner – even if you’ve never dabbled in wild edibles before?

Imagine savoring a delicious home-cooked meal prepared from the wild edibles you’ve foraged – a taste of the wilderness on your plate, offering nutrition and novelty in every bite. 

This book is here to make the vision a reality. It’s designed specifically for beginners who aspire towards a self-sufficient lifestyle, and wish to incorporate the vitality of wild edibles into their meals, even with zero prior foraging experience.

The cookbook will equip you with:

  • Knowledge of North America’s widely distributed and easily accessible wild edibles.
  • Practical tips that cover everything from edible uses, preparation, and storage, to cooking.
  • Over 300 simple, homely recipes focusing on the most desirable and flavorful edible parts of each plant or mushroom.
  • And so much more, including exclusive content to enrich your foraging and culinary adventures.

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