Ramps Identification – Allium tricoccum

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This post is part of our “100 Plants and Mushrooms” series. Here, you’ll see the plant’s main parts – its leaves, flowers, fruits, and more – all with key identification features.

Ramps is known scientifically as Allium tricoccum; it’s a member of the Amaryllidaceae family. Some folks might recognize it by its other names, including wild leek or spring onion.

Ramps: Key Parts in Photos

Where to find it

Keep an eye out in shaded woodlands or moist regions. The damp, cooler environment is where they love to thrive. The next time you’re wandering in such areas, especially during the spring, remember these identification features and see if you can spot these unique plant.

How to identify Ramps

The stem of the ramps is green. Often, especially near the base, the green stem takes on a reddish hue. The leaves of the ramps are quite distinctive. They’re broad and green. The shape of these leaves can be described as elliptical. Each leaf can range from 4 inches to a lengthy 12 inches, and their width is typically between 1 to 3 inches. When you come across ramps, you might see one, two, or even three of these broad leaves growing from its base.

The ramps bloom and show off clusters of many tiny white flowers. Each flower cluster is about 1 to 1.5 inches across. These flowers have six parts: three sepals and three slightly longer petals. Nestled inside, you’ll find 6 yellow stamens and a single prominent white style. The fruit of the ramps is black. They’re a type of capsule. When these capsules open up, they reveal round, shiny black seeds.

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